Frequently Asked Questions

“Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature and is characterised by the practice of communal nudity with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and respect for the environment”.

Definition from the philosophy of the International Naturist Federation


At HARMONY NATURIST RESORT PHUKET we encourage all guests to follow this philosophy because HARMONY RESORT was developed to blend in with the natural environment as closely as possible.

HARMONY is a nudist resort in Thailand. It is central to the experience and connection with nature that we aim to provide our guests. We do understand that if you’ve never visited an establishment such as this before, you may at first feel uncomfortable and need some time to adjust. However, we want all our guests to feel comfortable, so we encourage everyone to enjoy their stay nude, it is not optional.
For our female guests, we acknowledge that at certain times of the month they may wish to cover up below.


Are Singles welcome?

Yes, Harmony Naturist Resort Phuket doesn’t discriminate. We treat everyone equally with the utmost respect and with the assumption that you are a responsible, respectful adult. If your behavior shows us otherwise, you will be asked to leave.

I would like to do a day visit. Is this possible?

If you are already here in Rawai, Phuket and would like to spend a “naked day” or more at our naturist resort just give us a heads up with a call or text on +35 795141654.

You must be textile free for the duration of your visit. We would expect that is what you are here for.

Full-day visits (4 hrs +) are 500 THB. Half-day visits (2-3hrs) are 300 THB, including towels and a welcome soft drink. You are welcome to wander through the property, find that special quiet place to meditate, swim in the warm swimming pool, or just relax and enjoy our tropical garden.


We will not tolerate harassment, racism or bigotry. Any guest exhibiting offensive and/or unsafe behavior or refusing to comply with instructions from us will be ejected from Harmony Naturist Resort.

Harmony Naturist Resort Phuket is not a swinger’s venue.  Open swinging or any sexual activity is not permitted at all.  Obviously what people choose to do behind closed doors in private is their own business, but open/obvious sexual activity or flirting in front of other guests is not permitted.  Propositioning/inviting other guests to join in sexual activities is not acceptable and is usually reported by the offended guest resulting in the offenders being asked to leave.

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